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Department of Classics

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Portrait on a Roman funerary stele

Vessel Lid

Lid of an Etruscan cinerary urn

Red-Figure Bell Krater

Red-Figure Bell Krater

Green Glass Bottle

Roman Glass Bottle


Jupiter and eagle

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Minors in Classics 

The Department of Classics offers two minors:

  • The Minor in Classical Civilization consists of six coherent Classics courses, excluding 1000-level courses. It does not include a language requirement. 
  • The Minor in Classics consists of five coherent Classics courses, excluding 1000-level courses. It includes a language requirement: students have to attain proficiency in either Greek or Latin. (The term ‘proficiency’ is used to indicate that the student has passed a 3rd-semester class in that language.)

Since Classics comprises a diverse group of subjects, each minor is offered in four different tracks:

  • Classical Literature
  • Ancient History (with emphasis on either Greek or Roman)
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Classical Art and Archaeology

To initiate either minor, the student selects a minor adviser from the Classics faculty, and in consultation with the adviser draws up a program of courses in the preferred track. The courses selected should form a coherent cluster that makes sense to both the adviser and the student. To be admitted to the minor, the student and adviser then submit this plan of study (including the expected date of completion) to the Classics Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval. 

The plan of study must comprise at least six, for the Minor in Classical Civilization, five for the Minor in Classics, courses at the 2000-level or above, of which at least two must be at the 3000-level or above.

The courses are to be chosen from those offered as CLASS, LATIN or GREEK. (Courses in Modern Greek do not count towards either minor.)

Only courses passed with a C- or better may be applied to the Classics minor.

Students who complete the minor requirements will have their minor in Classics or Classical Civilization represented on their transcript.