Classics Professor to Give Talk on “The Art of Drinking”

By: Hana Aghababian & Sarah Epplin, 
October 6, 2020

On October 24th, 2020 at 2:30 pm, Professor of Classics Michael Fontaine will give a lecture on the rediscovered art of drinking during a virtual symposium hosted by Classical Wisdom

The lecture, entitled “How to Drink: A Classical Guide to Imbibing,” is based on Fontaine’s recent publication How to Drink, which is an English translation of Vincent Obsopoeus’ De Arte Bibendi (1536). The treatise is a how-to manual for drinking with pleasure and discrimination; it contains instructions on how to win friends at social gatherings, how to give a proper toast, and how to win drinking games, while arguing that drinking can be a virtue if done with moderation. Professor Fontaine’s translation of the text was published in April 2020 by Princeton University Press and is part of the “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers” series.

The two-day symposium, featuring a variety of speakers ranging from classics professors to cognitive psychotherapists to museum curators, will be centered on the theme of Power and Politics as considered from the perspectives of history, philosophy, and mythology. The event will include talks by the featured speakers, live panel discussions, and wine tastings. For more details:

how to drink