Fall 2013 - Jörg Rüpke - Townsend Lectures

September 27, 2013

Jörg Rüpke, Professor of Comparative Religion and Classical Philology at the Universität Erfurt, delivered three Townsend Lectures in the Fall of 2013 on "Lived Religion and the Individual: Roles and Rituals in the Ancient World."
The dates and titles of the three lectures were:

Friday, September 27 - "Individual Appropriation of Religion"

Monday, September 30 - "Defining Representation: Gods and Votives"

Wednesday, October 2 - "Writing and Reading for a New Ekklesia and a New Self"

Cover of book by Jörg Rüpke. "On Roman Religion: Lived Religion and the Individual in Ancient Rome.

On Roman Religion is a part of the Townsend Lectures Series of Cornell Studies in Classical Philology.