Haines-Eitzen to help tell 'Story of God'

April 5, 2016

National Geographic flew Kim Haines-Eitzen to Rome last fall to feature in an episode of “The Story of God,” a new television series starring Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. Haines-Eitzen will appear in the “Apocalypse” episode on April 10.

“Although the experience of filming was quite a contrast to my work in the classroom and in my research," says Haines-Eitzen, "I came away with a profound sense of an important similarity: the power of storytelling to convey and to shape timeless questions of human existence and meaning.”

Haines-Eitzen, professor of Near Eastern studies and classics, is an expert in ancient Mediterranean religions, with a specialty in early Christianity. For a sneak preview of her appearance on “The Story of God,” check out this clip – and learn why Nero may have been the antichrist referenced in the New Testament.

This article originally appeared in the Cornell Chronicle.

Kim Haines-Eitzen