How To Apply

October 1, 2018

Calendar for 2019-20

  • December 15: application deadline
  • January 27: offer of admission
  • February 8: Visit Day


At Cornell, graduate study is organized using a field structure.
The Field of Classics includes faculty from:

  • Near Eastern Studies
  • Art History
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Music
  • Government
  • Landscape Architecture

You can find the list of field faculty here and read a description of their research interests when you click on Learn More beneath individual pictures.


  • Consult faculty you think are relevant to your interests: send an email describing your prior training, describing your areas of interest, attaching a paper that represents the kind of work you want to pursue.
  • Seek advice at your current institution for preparing your application.
  • Request three letters of recommandation from faculty at your current institution who are acquainted with your work and can talk about your training.
  • A crucial piece is the writing sample: make sure to submit a paper that will enable us to evaluate your work in the area you plan to pursue studying. 

Ready? Apply now!

Klarman Hall at sunset