Fall 2013 - Jörg Rüpke - Townsend Lectures

Jörg Rüpke, Professor of Comparative Religion and Classical Philology at the Universität Erfurt, delivered three Townsend Lectures in the Fall of 2013 on "Lived Religion and the Individual: Roles and Rituals in the Ancient World."
The dates and titles of the three lectures were:

Friday, September 27 - "Individual Appropriation of Religion"

Monday, September 30 - "Defining Representation: Gods and Votives"

Wednesday, October 2 - "Writing and Reading for a New Ekklesia and a New Self"

Cover of book by Jörg Rüpke. "On Roman Religion: Lived Religion and the Individual in Ancient Rome.

On Roman Religion is a part of the Townsend Lectures Series of Cornell Studies in Classical Philology.

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