Women in Ancient Rome Didn’t Have Equal Rights. They Still Changed History

Barry Strauss, the Bryce and Edith M. Bowmar Professor in Humanistic Studies, wrote in this op-ed in Time that ancient Rome was a macho society, often misogynistic, where women did not enjoy equal citizen rights. But, he says, if we look hard at history, we discover some women who made their mark. 

"These women navigated this challenging terrain and left a major mark on the course of events," Strauss writes. "We don't always learn about them in history class, but their stories are inspiring and merit telling (and re-telling). Without acknowledging these, the story of Rome becomes a purely masculine one, which does not capture the whys and wherefores behind many of the leaders and soldiers who rose to power in the first place."

In the op-ed, Strauss explains how some women changed the shape of Roman history through their political strategy. 

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		 Statue of a Roman woman