Fall 2022 Highlighted Courses

CLASS 1615 - Introduction to Ancient Rome
Instructor: Michael Fontaine

Ancient Rome was a village the size of Ithaca that grew into a world empire. In this course students will be introduced to some of its literature, art, and famous personalities in the classical period (2nd c. BCE – 2nd c. CE) and will read some of the greatest masterpieces of Latin literature.

CLASS 1702 - Great Discoveries in Greek and Roman Archaeology
Instructor: Caitlín Eilís Barrett

This introductory course surveys the archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman world. Each week, we will explore a different archaeological discovery that transformed scholars’ understanding of the ancient world. From early excavations at sites such as Pompeii and Troy, to modern field projects across the Mediterranean, we will discover the rich cultures of ancient Greece and Rome while also exploring the history, methods, and major intellectual goals of archaeology.

CLASS 2603 - Initiation to Greek Culture
Instructor: Verity Platt

Designed especially for first-years. All interested students are invited to apply online . In this course, we will read and discuss a wide range of ancient Greek literary and philosophical works as well as some modern critical and philosophical writings. No knowledge of Greek is necessary: all texts are in English translation. We encourage active participation in small weekly seminar meetings and supplementary workshops with specially invited guests. Our focus throughout is on close analysis of the texts, and the attempts the Greeks made to grapple with the world around them through literature.

CLASS 2807 - Slavery in the Ancient World
Instructor: Nicole Giannella

From democratic Athens to imperial Rome, the ancient economies of Greece and Rome ran on slave labor and slavery pervaded all areas of life: farming; industry; families; the civil service; police; and more. This course examines Athens and Rome as slave societies and how slavery was integrated into all social structures and accepted as normal.

GREEK 1101 - Elementary Ancient Greek I
Instructor: Hayden Pelliccia

Introduction to Attic Greek. Designed to enable the student to read the ancient authors as soon as possible.

LATIN 1201 - Elementary Latin I
Instructor: Staff

Introductory course designed to prepare students to start reading Latin prose at the end of a year. The class moves swiftly and includes extensive memorization of vocabulary and paradigms; study of Latin syntax; and written homework, quizzes, tests, and oral drills.



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