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Kathryn Gleason


Kathryn Gleason

Kennedy Hall, Room 446


Kathryn Gleason is a specialist on ancient designed landscapes and landscape architectural history.  Educated in landscape architecture at Cornell, she studied archaeology and landscape preservation, working on archaeological sites in Tunisia, Italy, Turkey.  Her MLA thesis at Harvard focused on the design of archaeological sites for tourism, and she continued on for doctoral studies at Oxford University as a Fulbright and Rome Prize scholar. Her dissertation with Nicholas Purcell and Barry Cunliffe is entitled "Towards an Archaeology of Landscape Architecture in the Ancient Roman World".  She has pioneered excavation methologies for ancient designed landscapes around the Mediterranean, notably the palaces of Herod the Great of Judea, the Petra Pool and Garden Project, the Villa of Horace at Licenza, and most recently, in the region of Mt. Vesuvius at the Villa Arianna at ancient Stabiae.  She is beginning a new project with CIAMS colleague Caitlin Barrett and Annalisa Marzano (University of Reading) at the Casa della Regina Carolina at Pompeii.


  • Archaeology Program
  • Classics

Graduate Fields

  • Landscape Architecture