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Stephen Sansom

Postdoctoral Associate

Stephen Sansom

Goldwin Smith Hall, Room 126

Educational Background

PhD, Stanford University; MA, Vanderbilt University; BA, Samford University


Stephen is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Classics and part of Cornell's Active Learning Initiative. He received his PhD in Classics from Stanford University in 2018.

His research focuses on the style, meaning, and reception of early Greek poetry, especially Homer, Hesiod, and the Homeric Hymns. More generally he is interested in how poetic techniques can inform theories of likeness, identity, and creativity from a variety of approaches, including computational philology, oral poetics, and intertextuality. His book project, Hesiod's Shield and the Poetics of Epic Style, reads the rhapsodic style of the Shield of Heracles within the poetic ecology of Archaic Greek Epic. Past projects include mapping Greek lyric, adapting Aristophanesa collegiate athletics MOOC, and conference papers on Homer, Hesiod, Lyric, Lucan, Memory, Voice, and Sound.

In the classroom, he believes students learn best when they have meaningful experiences, reflect on them, and make better decisions as a result. At Cornell he has taught courses on Statues and Public Life and Greek Mythology that take dynamic approaches to student learning:

Retweets Classics and poetry @sasansom, uploads @Academia, and codes @Github.

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"Typhonic Voices: Sounds of Hesiod and Cosmic War in Lucan's Bellum Civile 6.685-94" Mnemosyne (forthcoming 2020)

"'Strange' Rhetoric and Homeric Reception in Aelius Aristides' Embassy Speech to Achilles (or. 52)" Greece & Rome (forthcoming 2021)

Review: The Reception of the Homeric Hymns (Oxford 2016) Eds. A Faulkner, A. Vergados, and A. Schwab. BMCR 2018.03.60